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Promotion of a cookbook „Lužničći recepisi“


Delicious Monday: promotion of a cookbook „Lužničći recepisi“, 14. january, KC Grad, Belgrade

The Red Cross of Serbia is inviting you to Cultural Centre Grad, on Monday, 14 January, for the event Delicious Monday starting at 19:00. It will be a promotion of a cookbook „Lužničći recepisi“ created in the microproject implemented by organisation Luznicke rukotvorine ZEC, as part of the regional Taking Action on Social Inclusion of Older People coordinated by the Red Cross of Serbia.

The Delicious Monday event will be a promotion of the cookbook „Lužničći recepisi – How our grandmothers used to cook“ but above all it will be a promotion of the contribution older women make to the society. It features the traditional dish recipes collected by older women from remote rural areas in Babusnica municipality in Serbia. Most of these women live on their own, with their closest neighbour kilometres away. This event is an effort to promote social inclusion of older women from rural areas, an effort to empower the, but also to preserve traditional recipes from Southern Serbia from being forgotten. Once you smell this food, you will immediately think of your mother or grandmother, regardless of your age. The event will feature some of the women whose recipes are in the book and they will be preparing traditional panada, pies and stuffed dried peppers. The participants of the event will be paying 200 dinars for the dinner and all the collected funds will be used to support older women in rural areas.

The Taking Action on Social Inclusion of Older People project is supported by European Union, Austrian Development Agency and Austrian Red Cross and it is coordinated by the Red Cross of Serbia in five countries of the Western Balkans region.