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Age Aganst the Machine


As part of the „Age Against the Machine“ project, the first rehearsal was held in the Cultural Center of Novi Sad on Sunday, 28 April, 2024. A total of 27 workshop participants from different generations tried to explain verbally and non-verbally, but also through art, what „ageism"“is.

According to the participants of this first workshop, life is continuous change and transition, and that change is always a part of our life. Some of the participants believe that the fear of one's own death is at the root of bad behavior towards older persons. In their artistic expressions, the participants evoked „ageism“ according to: a young person, a middle-aged person, an older man, an older woman and an older woman in the countryside.

This activity was part of the celebration of the Global Intergenerational Week and an attempt to build intergenerational spaces and communities.

This project is part of the European Commission's program CERV - Network of Cities, with partners from Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. The Red Cross of Serbia is in charge of the expert part, Nataša Todorović and Dr. Milutin Vračević are in charge of introducing the topic of „ageism“ and collecting quantitative data on ageism in all countries. The project lead is the „Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture“ Foundation, and the coordinators and co-authors of the project are Branka Bajić Jovanov and Lazar Jovanov.