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Ageing is Forbidden


On Saturday, 25 May 2024, a panel titled “Aging is Forbidden” was held as part of the Mikser Festival. Jonh Kennedy Mosoti, director of the UNFPA regional office, Brankica Jankovic, Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, actors Branka Petric and Slavko Stimac, as well as Ivan Lalic, founder of Mikser, participated in the panel. The entire event was moderated by Natasa Todorovic from the Red Cross of Serbia.

The title of the panel, Aging is Forbidden, primarily refers to the necessity for the whole society to understand that discrimination, ageism and the spread of harmful stereotypes towards older people, such as those that they are passive persons who are a burden on society, are "forbidden". The dignified life of older persons and the improvement of their quality of life is a task for all of us. Natasa Todorovic pointed out that we must take care of those who lived in difficult living conditions, first of all we should pay attention to women who live longer in worse health than men, but also in greater poverty. She pointed out that Marcus Tullius Cicero said in 44 BC that “Good old age begins in youth", which means that healthy aging begins in childhood, but it also includes solidarity, which is essential for every society.