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So much symbolism in one title. With two words you become, or you could become, a place where time doesn't leave the time, but you must react at once to save one's life.

The Red Cross Nis was a host to the International school of humanitarian photography in emergencies ( ) in Divljana (Nis) in the period 19 – 22 April 2018.

The international school was led by Mr. Ibrahim Malla from Syria, professional photograph with rich experience in carrying out humanitarian tasks in missions of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and International Committee of Red Cross.

This year, representatives of Tunis, Italy, Ghana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia had a pleasure of enriching their knowledge.

Participants were presented with extensive experience, diverse approach, event documenting rooted in human rights protection so to facilitate better assistance to vulnerable citizens.

Exchange of experience gained in diverse cultural settings provided universal approach in visual representation and fundraising for fulfilling the basic needs of vulnerable ones.

The future will bring various humanitarian challenges for sure. The Red Cross must respond in the best interest of the ones who need assistance.

One way to attract funding and protect the human rights of the vulnerable ones is a photograph documenting activities.

Further implementation of this important activity of the Red Cross Nis is expected in the upcoming period and participation of trainees in this project that could ensure significant support for the most vulnerable ones.