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Conference on Improving Intergenerational Dialogue


In the Red Cross of Serbia a conference was organised to mark the ending of the “Improving Intergenerational Dialogue” project implemented by Centre for Support and Inclusion Help Net in partnership with the Commissioner for Protection of Equality and civil society organisations 90 Decibels from Hungary, European Group for Territorial Cooperation TRITIA from Poland as well as local administration Vаlаšské Меziříčí from Czechia, with support provided by the International Visegrád fund.

The Conference was moderated by Natasa Todorovic of the Red Cross of Serbia who was also one of the speakers. Other speakers included Brankica Jankovic, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Gordana Milovanovic, Centre for Support and Inclusion Help Net, Simoneta Kovari, 90 Decibels and Daniel Šulak, representing the Vаlаšské Меziříčí city.

At the Conference a short film was launched that presented the project and it features among other speakers, Natasa Todorovic of the Red Cross of Serbia, along with the presentation of the project results and recommendations to institutions on how to improve intergenerational dialogue in Serbia.

As part of the project, debates entitled “Is there intergenerational solidarity?” were organised in ten cities across the country (Belgrade, Мlаdеnоvаc, Pаncеvо, Lucаni, Krаlјеvо, Cacаk, Gоrnji Мilаnоvаc, Smеdеrеvо, Knic, Krаguјеvаc) where representatives of different generations exchanged their opinions of the relationships between older and younger generations. Every debate was accompanied with a stage play “Excuse me, how old are you?” of the Pan Theatre from Belgrade.