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Donation of the LIDL Company


Representatives of the company LIDL Serbia have donated all the necessary equipment for the soup kitchen of the Red Cross in Gornji Milanovac, symbolically marking the end of the humanitarian action “Small deeds are a great thing.” During this campaign, the customers of LIDL bought and gifted 15 tons of products to users of soup kitchens before the New Year, and in turn LIDL donated equipment for 20 soup kitchens throughout Serbia.

The handing over of the donation was attended by: Jelena Radojcic of the Red Cross of Serbia, the secretary of the Red Cross of Milanovac, Nebojsa Ivovic, and the head of corporate communications of the company Lidl Serbia, Martina Petrovic.

“The donation of equipment for soup kitchens is another step towards improving the conditions for the operation of these institutions, and we are particularly pleased that this was achieved together with our clients, and that through this good deed we managed to make daily life at least a bit easier and more pleasant for beneficiaries of the Red Cross”, said Martina Petrovic.

A major role in organising the action “Small deeds are a great thing” was played by organisations of the Red Cross in towns and municipalities, who distributed the collected items according to needs of the users.

“Kindness is the only wealth that is increased through sharing, which was the Moto of the action of Lidl Serbia and the Red Cross of Serbia - small deeds are a great thing. We would like to thank Lidl for their understanding, enthusiasm and efficiency”, pointed out Jelena Radojicic, the expert associate for social operations of the Red Cross of Serbia, and expressed hope that other companies will also offer help for preparing cooked meals for users of soup kitchens.

Nebojsa Ivovic, the secretary of the Red Cross of Gornji Milanovac, pointed out that the donation of cooling appliances will make the operations of the soup kitchen in this town easier.

“The equipment for the soup kitchen of the Red Cross in Gornji Milanovac, where meals are being prepared daily for its 130 users, is of great importance to them, but for us and our town as well. I would like to thank the company Lidl and the Red Cross of Serbia for making it possible that the soup kitchen, which prepares meals for its users daily, operates more easily and in a better way,” added Ivovic.

During the campaign “Small deeds are a great thing”, citizens collected 15 tonnes of food and non-food products in Lidl Serbia shops, by placing bought items into marked areas behind the cash desks. The company Lidl Serbia, as a gesture of expressing gratitude for their involvement, dedicated financial means for equipping 20 soup kitchens, donating the necessary cooling devices and kitchen equipment in: Arandjelovac, Cuprija, Kovin, Lucani, Mali Zvornik, Jagodina, Gornji Milanovac, Uzice, Medvedja, SUbotica, Pozega, Mali Idjos, Priboj, Prijepolje, Svrljig, Gadzin Han, Kursumlija, Majdanpek and Vladimirovci, according to the needs that were defined by the Red Cross of Serbia, who oversees the soup kitchens. The Lidl company, under its sustainable business motto “For a better tomorrow”, will continue to observe the needs of citizens in local communities where it has its operations.