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From the silkworm to the dinosaur


Once a village with no more than 30 houses, and now a town with over 22,000 inhabitants, located where the valley of the Resava river touches the valley of Great Morava, Svilajnac lives swaddled in the tradition of the commander Stevan Sindjelic. The town was named after the silkworm that was grown here and from which the noble silk thread was manufactured. Today, visitors come for the Natural history centre, displaying many dinosaurs. The tiny silkworm of the Middle Ages remains only on the coat of arms of the town, while replicas of the extinct ancient reptiles are in the town centre, and attract attention of visitors who decide to take the 7km detour off the highway.

The Red Cross has found its place next to the school and bus station. At an altitude of merely 100 meters above sea level, when both rivers rise, the building has been known to “go for a swim”. A single flood has not spared the Red Cross, but an accumulated wealth of good has always managed to restore it.

It is just past mid-February, and today is the day of the distribution of Wai Wai noodles, donated by the CG Foods Europe company from Ruma, which operates as part of the Nepalese Corp Global group.

The 330 users of the Soup kitchen operated by the Red Cross in Svilajnac have received aid from this company, the only Nepalese one operating in Serbia. Through this donation, 96 families in Svilajnac obtained something to add to their daily meal.

Today, the courtyard is full of people coming to obtain aid from the Red Cross. Everybody is patiently waiting for their turn, and the people from the Red Cross are working hurriedly to distribute the rations. Those meals are the only meals that most of the users will have during that day.

The agreement signed between the Red Cross of Serbia and the Company CG Foods Europe from Ruma in September last year, refers to a period of six months, during which the company will donate almost three tons of its products, including: food for women, children, the elderly and other most vulnerable beneficiaries of the humanitarian programs of the Red Cross of Serbia. In this way almost 40,000 meals will be provided, which will be distributed by the Red Cross of Serbia. This donation covers 18 towns in Serbia.

CG Foods Europe is a company that operates as part of the CG Corp Global group from Nepal. The company has operations in over 30 countries around the world, with over 10,000 employees. Even though it is present in many areas of business, this company has been implementing various socially responsible activities for 25 years, through the Chodry Foundation. Some of the most important projects, realised through this foundation, are: construction of 40 schools and over 2,500 homes in Nepal. This company could serve as an example to local companies to operate in a socially responsible manner, and to not forget their compatriots who were remembered by people from far away Nepal.