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Global intergenerational week


On the occasion of the Global Intergenerational Week, a workshop for older persons was held in the Red Cross Sombor on April 25, 2024. During this week we celebrate the power of intergenerational relationships. This workshop was part of strengthening the partnership with the aim of strengthening intergenerational solidarity and the workshop was attended by representatives of the OSCE, the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Red Cross of Serbia.

One of the topics of the workshop was media literacy and which media older people like the most (printed, electronic...). Another topic was intergenerational cooperation, which is of vital importance for older persons, because it represents a fight against loneliness and helps to strengthen the cohesion of a family and for its members to be there for each other.

„Intergenerational solidarity is about learning from each other. Younger persons learning from older persons, but us older persons also learning from young persons“ - 90-year-old man

Relationships between older and younger persons are not only „nice“ but also essential and vital to family, community and society.