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International Book Fair in Belgrade


The Red Cross of Serbia participated in the 62nd International Book Fair, which was held from October 22nd to 29th in Belgrade. Its editions and publications were presented to the visitors at the stand that was in the hall number 4 of the Belgrade Fair. The volunteers of the Red Cross Belgrade were introduced to the visitors of the International Book Fair in Belgrade activities of the organization and presented various Red Cross programs through workshops for children, youth and adults. At the fair, 30 volunteers from the Red Cross of Rakovica, Stari Grad, Zvezdara, SavskiVenac, Vožvodac and Palilula were participated. The placement and preparation of the Red Cross stand was also supported by the professors and students of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Students of the psychology with the visitors of the stand making workshops about arrival and reception of migrants in our country, the relief of the Red Cross, overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers, leads to mutual understanding and cooperation, etc. The students are using  a  questionnaire prepared earlier at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

At the Red Cross of Serbia  stand  at the 62nd International Fair, the voluntaries  of Red Cross done also  the  workshops with visitors  on the protection  children and young people from traffickers.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies supported  the Red Cross stand  in International Book Fair  this year.

The International Book Fair in Belgrade is the most visited fair held at the Belgrade Fair  on which the Red Cross since its founding has  its own exhibition space for the presentation  activities, publications  and programs.