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Lecture at the Interdisciplinary Summer School on forced displacement


The Interdisciplinary Summer School on Forced Displacement was held in Belgrade between 15 and 29 July, organized by the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade. As part of this summer school and Seminar on health and life in transit, Nataša Todorović, Red Cross of Serbia expert associate, gave a lecture to students on July 24, dealing with the activities of the Red Cross of Serbia aimed at preserving the health of migrants on the territory of Serbia.

This summer school deals with the safety of migrants especially in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the manifestations of different forms of violence against migrants, as well as the models of care available to them. Professors and students from Boston University, Belgrade University, Sarajevo University, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and Rhode Island School of Design participated in the summer school this year.

Nataša Todorović gave an overview of the activities of the Red Cross of Serbia covering four main areas: health education, promotion and prevention, first aid, basic health care and mental health with psychosocial support. She also presented the results of the research of the Red Cross of Serbia on the mental health of migrants, which was conducted at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, indicating that as many as 72.5% of migrants are psychologically vulnerable, while more than one quarter, 28.6% have symptoms of depression, which is far more present in women with its incidence being as high as  41.7%.