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Lecture in Subotica about violence against older persons


During the Red Cross week of May 9, 2023, the Red Cross Subotica organized a lecture on the topic of violence against older persons. This lecture was part of the project “Strengthening resilience of older persons and persons with disabilities during the Covid-19 crisis and future crises", financed by the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency. The lecture was delivered by Nataša Todorović, project coordinator and expert associate at the Red Cross of Serbia, and the participants were residents of the Gerontological Center Subotica.

More than 30 older persons received information about forms of violence against older persons, some of which are very specific and affect primarily older persons, especially older women. The main indicators of violence against older persons were also presented, so that they could recognize it when it happens – to others but also to themselves – and a special part of the lecture related to how violence is reported and how it is possible to ask for support for yourself or other older person affected by some of the types of violence.