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Life-saving healthcare for people on the move in the Balkans


The Red Cross of Serbia is inviting you to jointly mark the International Migrants Day on 18 December to the Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment, Studentski trg 5, 13:00 for the opening of a photo exhibition “Life-saving healthcare for people on the move in the Balkans”

The photos were taken in migrant centres in Serbia (Subotica and Sombor), Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia in July and August 2019 thanks to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the photographer Victor Lacken who used his camera to tell a true story about the migrants in the three Balkans countries. He documented the challenges faced by refugees and migrants who need to access healthcare on their long and arduous journeys. Through his photos, Victor shows us all those activities that affect quality of life and human dignity. More than 30 photographs will present you the moments in life of refugees and migrants.

Victor Lacken is a photographer and videographer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Victor has previously worked for IFRC in emergencies in Bangladesh, West Africa and Southern Africa and won the AIDEX Humanitarian Photojournalism Award in 2015 for his work on Ebola.