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Long-term care – an article in the sixth issue of MONS magazine


The platform for monitoring of social situation in Serbia (MONS), established by Foundation for Development of Economy Science and SeConS, dedicated the sixth issue of its magazine to ageing. The topic of this issue is “What ageing in Serbia looks like” with Prof Dr Marija Babovic in the role of editor. The issue features an article on long-term care that is part of the advocacy efforts for adopting national strategy on long-term care. The authors are Natasa Todorovic and Dr Milutin Vracevic.

Serbian version available at:

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The same issue features blog posts by HumanaS Network representatives: Gradimir Zajic with “What to do after retirement?” and Nada Sataric with “Absence of intergenerational solidarity today will also be felt by future generations of the elderly”.