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Red Cross at the Museum Night


Every moment can be the moment for goodness


Red Cross of Serbia and Red Cross of Belgrade took part in the Museum Night for the first time. For the Museum Night, Red Cross organized highly interactive event in which more than 2000 visitors of all ages could experience the spirit of the Red Cross. Besides the enriched permanent exhibition at the Memorial Room of the Red Cross of Serbia, visitors were welcomed at the Reception Hall. As the First World War was the main theme for Museum Night2018, the exhibits presented at the Reception Hall portrayed the activities of the Red Cross during the WW1. Entering the building of the Red Cross and the Reception Hall was a unique step in the history, as it is the first and only home of the Red Cross since 1879. Visitors were amazed to learn about the deep ties of many prominent figures from the history of Serbia whose generosity, along numbers of other volunteers, built the rich history of humanity that colors the Red Cross. Participants were also interested in past and ongoing activities of the Red Cross. Among other things, visitors could learn about details of the 200 dinars banknote that presents a famous Serbian painter Nadezda Petrovic. Carrying the bag with the sign of the Red Cross over her shoulder, Nadezda Petrovic lost her lifesaving others in the WW1.