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Toolkit for community – based home care for staff and volunteers


Toolkit for community – based home care for staff and volunteers

The trend towards an ageing population is likely to pose social and economic challenges to individuals, communities and public authorities as the need for health- and care services will increase.

In order to address this issue and support the development of high-quality home care services and improve the quality of life of people in need of care and assistance, an international working group with representatives from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and a variety of National Societies compiled a set of minimum standards for home helpers and home care volunteers in community-based home care services.

The Community-based home care toolkit comprises four volumes.

Volume 1: describes minimum standards for provision and organization of community-based home care of older people, those with disabilities and those living with chronic disease, many of whom may also be older people.

Volume 2: focuses on the knowledge and skills required by people working in the organization and provision of community-based home care. These include knowledge of the ageing process, good communication, handling conflict, mapping needs, organizing support, cooperating with others, recognition of possible violence or abuse and what to do if violence or abuse are suspected

Volume 3 and 4: are training programmes for volunteers in home care and home helpers based on volume 1 and 2. The training for volunteers is designed to be facilitated by an experienced member of staff. The home helper training, which is much longer and more rigorous, is designed for facilitation by a professional trainer in the field of home care.

Among the professionals working on the minimum standards were also representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia.