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Training in psychological first aid for psychologists working in the Ministry of Defence


From June 21 to 23, the Red Cross of Serbia, in accordance with the memorandum of cooperation signed with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia in 2020, organised training in psychological first aid for psychologists employed in the Ministry and the Military Security Agency. The training was attended by 12 psychologists. During the training, the basics of psychological first aid were presented with an emphasis on providing this form of support in emergency situations.

Over three days of training the covered topics included:

  • Facilitating PFA training for different target groups
  • Guidelines and principles of PFA
  • PFA in emergencies
  • PFA for individuals and small groups
  • Calming down distressed individuals and small groups
  • When to do referrals and what to do if there is no one to refer to
  • Crises and reactions to crises
  • Prevention of burnout, self-care and peer support of PFA providers

The Red Cross of Serbia and Ministry of Defence have early in 2020 signed an agreement on cooperation in areas of psychological first aid and psychosocial support that will increase their joint efforts.

This training is a part of the Red Cross of Serbia goal of providing Psychological First Aid for all as it is an important aspect of mental health.

In the coming period, this cooperation will be expanded by organizing trainings that will focus on sexual and gender-based violence.