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Visit of the Turkish Public Television


The journalists of the  Turkish Radio and Television- TRT visited the Sombor , center for migrants and the  Red Cross  on November 11th. This television station is a national public service comprised of 14 TV channels and 19 radio stations and broadcasts programs in 5 languages.
              Journalists were interested in the daily life of the migrants in the center, the workshops organized by the Red Cross for the  children and adults and the distribution of cooked meals carried out by the Red Cross of Sombor on a daily basis.
              Following the reception center, TRT journalists Levent Recep Ozturk and Alpmen Adi Ozgur also visited the soup kitchen of the  Red Cross ,working places and offices   of the Red Cross  and the  warehouse. The Turkish Television representatives talked with the Secretary of the Red Cross Sombor Biljana Klipa and representatives of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrants Radoš Drljević and representative of the city  hall of Sombor Zlatko Milicevic.
                   The Red Cross Sombor daily prepares and distributes about 430 cooked meals for migrants, and the reception center for migrants in Sombor was opened in early November last year. There are mainly families with the children. The Red Cross of Sombor has distributed from the first arriving   until now 183,264 daily foods for the migrants.