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Volunteering in the Red Cross: Activities supporting socially vulnerable people


Vesna Milenović, Secretary General of the Red Cross of Serbia participated in the third meeting of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities network, speaking on the topic “Volunteering in the Red Cross: Activities supporting socially vulnerable people”. The Red Cross of Serbia is the largest and oldest Serbian humanitarian organization and its continued activity relies on the dedicated work of professional staff but even more importantly the work of volunteers. This work strengthens solidarity among people and therefore increases social cohesion. At the same time, supporting volunteers in their work the Red Cross of Serbia promotes volunteering and its importance for communities, organization, the volunteers themselves as well as their beneficiaries.

The Red Cross provides a plethora of volunteering opportunities through its different programmes that meet different motivations, needs, skills and knowledge of volunteers but also their age, so people of all generations – younger, older and those in between volunteer for the Red Cross. The Red Cross of Serbia volunteers devoted 793,280 hours of their time to volunteering in 2016.

Vesna Milenović also highlighted that the Red Cross of Serbia’s activities are stipulated by the Law on the Red Cross of Serbia.

Also present on the meeting was the Secretary of the Red Cross of Kanjiža Monika Cesko, presenting the activities of this branch of the national society.