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What women (50+) in Serbia want: 16 days of activism 2023


As part of the campaign 16 days of activism against violence against women, the Red Cross of Serbia, with the support of the White Ribbon Alliance, surveyed 4,860 women in Serbia over the age of 45, with an emphasis on women over the age of 65, who are often overlooked in similar surveys. The survey was primarily concerned with their right to health and access to health care services, and included more than thirty Serbian municipalities, with a special effort to cover rural areas in addition to urban areas, where access to all services is generally more difficult.

Older women in Serbia expressed the need for more regular systematic health check-ups, for more information about menopause, but also for more information about mental health protection, showing that they are aware of how valuable preventive health care is in preserving their health during transition to older age. The campaign 16 days of activism against violence against women lasts until December 10, 2023.