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Zvezdara Days of Seniors


On Monday 23 September 2019 in Vuk Karadzic public library this year’s event “Zvezdara Days of Seniors” was opened. This year’s event aims to promote positive image of ageing and older people, their needs and capacities, the importance of intergenerational solidarity and humane, dignified life in the older age.

Speakers at the opening ceremony included representatives of the Municipal Administration, including the President of the Municipality of Zvezdara, Mr. Milos Ignjatovic who pledged that the Municipality will do its best to continue being of service to its citizens and will always be at the disposal of the oldest among them.

The panel “Perspectives of the older age” followed and here the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Ms. Brankica Jankovic spoke about the Volunteer Service Zvezdara as an example of good practice whose work provides older people with important assistance and support, based on the engagement of dedicated volunteers. Dr Aleksandra Milicevic Kalasic spoke about communication between generations as an important component of changing the public’s awareness and attitude towards ageing and older people. Ms. Natasa Todorovic of the Red Cross of Serbia emphasised that perspectives of the older age depend on our attitude to ageing today. She added that there should be more conversation in public about equality and combating ageism. Mr. Gradimir Zajic, sociologist emphasised positive effects of active life in the older age, of learning and participating in the community, as well as knowing one’s own limits. The panel discussion also featured Ms. Snezana Jandrlic, musician and macrobiotics practitioner, Ms. Zaklina Bogavac of Academia Educativa and Ms. Branka Ribar Brajic, retired Magister of Electric Engineering.

At the start of the panel discussion, the Volunteer Service of Zvezdara provided thank-you notes to persons who have for years had good cooperation with them, including Ms. Natasa Todorovic of the Red Cross of Serbia.