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SOCIAL Inclusion of Migrants : research of opinions towards migrations and recommendations on how to decrease discrimination

A survey was conducted in the Republic of Serbia in order to gain insight into opinions of the population, but primarily into the manner and mechanisms of opinion forming in local communities where there are reception centres for migrant placement. Purpose of this research was to examine attitudestowards migrations and migrants, but first and foremost to verify the basis of both positive and negative attitudes, i.e. which views or misconceptions induce fear, distance and negative attitudes towards migrants, as well asmigrantima what information or beliefs make the local population accept migrants in their community.

A total of 304 respondents from six cities participated in the survey: Belgrade, Šid, Kikinda, Sombor, Subotica and Pirot. The sample was adequate and consisted of 187 women and 117 men, with ages ranging from 14 to 75 years (M = 30.23, SD = 14.17).

The authors of the publication are: Jovana Bjekić, Maša Vukčević Marković, Nataša Todorović i Milutin Vračević