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Time without time

“Life in the age of Coronavirus: How did you spend your time in isolation?” is a collection of the best poetry and prose made during the lockdown and curfew months in Serbia. Writing was an opportunity for our citizens to use their creativity and write short stories or poems to describe how they organized their living in isolation, what activities made their days, as well as to share their thoughts and emotions during the long curfew months. Short stories and poems in this book are not just expressions of creativity; they also represent resilience and psychosocial support to authors themselves, as well as to the reader. Not less importantly, they are an expression of bravery.

This book is published by the Red Cross of Serbia in cooperation with the Commissioner for Protection of Equality and with financial support provided by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). A committee of experts selected the writings to be published: Milos Jankovic, Gordana Vlajic and Majo Danilovic.

Translation: Jelena Mirković