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Cooperation with the Media

The positive image of the Red Cross of Serbia in public creates the possibility that the Red Cross of Serbia, with the other society members, particularly donors, with the involvement of a large number of volunteers help more vulnerable citizens. Animating the public to engage in certain actions of the Red Cross is developing a sense of solidarity and humanity in the wider community which the Red Cross of Serbia implemented its commitment to developing voluntary work.

Red Cross of Serbia regular contact with journalists via press releases, note to the press , press conferences and organized visits of journalists locations where the programs of the Red Cross of Serbia . Annual media went 18 note to the press, 25 press releases and organized 7 press conference. Red Cross of Serbia addresses and chief editors of print and electronic media in Serbia, on the February 6 and on the World Red Cross Day . At the request of the Red Cross of Serbia leaders of all news programs on television on May 8, wearing a sing of the Red Cross and almost all TV stations with national coverage, as well as large number of local television.

The cooperation of the Information Service of the Red Cross of Serbia during the first six months of 2016, with the media and information services Red Cross organizations in cities and municipalities and provincial organizations, contributed to the work of the Red Cross organization in the country publish 478 reports in the electronic media now a total of 1,884 minutes, or 10.2 minutes per day. This does not include playing time relating to the broadcasting of spots. Over a third of contributions, or 47% broadcast the public service Radio Television of Serbia. Topics that have occupied the attention of the media in the first six months of 2016 were: the promotion of voluntary blood donation, 17% (of the total of published reports in the electronic media), the program of soup kitchens and assistance to the Red Cross for vulnerable families in Serbia 16%, the operation of the Red Cross disaster relief and assistance to the migrants occupied the 12% of media attention, marking 8 May in various parts of Serbia 5%, which were related to the history of the Red Cross, primarily marking 140 years of 4%, preventive health action and home care program to elderly people 3% of media attention, training in first aid and various donations to the Red Cross 2%, followed by contributions of volunteers, youth action, the recovery of children, international activities of the Red Cross training program in water rescue, help the homeless, program the fight against human trafficking. The Red Cross of Serbia does not have information on all contributions that have been broadcast on local television.

During the first six months of 2016 was published 760 articles or 9 articles per day in daily, periodical and local newspapers . Of the total number of published articles 55% of the articles published in the local press, and 45% related to central newspapers.

Published articles during the first six months of 2016.

Večernje novosti
Sportski žurnal
Frankfurtske vesti
24 sata

Some weeklies are also published articles related to the activities of the Red Cross such as "Story " text 4, NIN, "Bazar", "Illustrovana politika ", "Gloria", "Odbrana", "Lepota I zdravlje ", "Novi magazin" after one itd. Also, diferent websites published 290 articles.