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"Social inclusion of older persons (65+) in Serbia" represents the results of a research carried out within the framework of the three-year regional project "TASIOP". The project is being implemented with the financial support of the European Union, the Austrian Development Agency and the Austrian Red Cross in five Western Balkan countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania), coordinated by the Red Cross of Serbia. The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and motivate older people to become more involved in all spheres of society.

The survey on social inclusion of older persons was made on the basis of statistics from official records, as well as available data, which took into account material living conditions, access to resources and services, social participation and social networks, leisure, lifestyles, culture and communication, quality of life and subjective satisfaction. A survey on older people's social inclusion in Serbia was conducted by the SeConS Development Initiative Group. The data show that the population in our country is among the oldest populations globally, with a prognosis of further intense aging due to the low birth rate, fertility and migration of the younger population. The picture of older women and men in Serbia, different aspects of their position and living conditions shows that their status is relatively unfavorable, compared to older people living in the European Union.