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Activities of the young volunteers

The program of young volunteer activities also represents one of the ways to motivate children to take part in humanitarian work, through spreading knowledge of values of the Red Cross and the promotion of the importance of solidarity and humanitarian work.

"Safety of children in traffic" 

is an action aimed at decreasing the number of injured and killed in traffic accidents and promoting adequate behaviour of all participants in traffic. It is aimed at students of elementary schools, especially first graders.

Race “For a happier childhood“

is the most widely accepted action of the Red Cross of Serbia, and the one with most participants. It is aimed at increasing the number of young members and volunteers. By participating in great numbers, children and youth demonstrate their orientation towards a healthier lifestyle and humane values. The funds collected through this action of the Red Cross in towns and municipalities is directed to schools, health institutions and social care institutions, with the goal of aiding those in greatest need.