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Schools for the Youth of the Red Cross

Schools for Red Cross youth are one of the ways to motivate children to actively participate in humanitarian work through spreading knowledge of the values that the Red Cross represents and through promoting solidarity.

летња школа

The summer school for youth presents an educational program that includes relevant topics from the work of the Red Cross: spreading the knowledge of the values promoted by the Red Cross, first aid, realistic representation of injuries, states and disesases, promotion of humane values, prevention of trafficking, and promotion of healthy lifestyles.


Additional workshops for art, music and drama, journalism, english, computers, national dances and other interesting topics are also organised, and they address the relevant areas of work of the Red Cross and the values it represents. 

The summer school also includes an evening entertainment program, which is a chance for the participants to show off their skills and talents.


школа подмладак

The program of the School for Youth is designed according to the age and interests of children, and has three segments:

  • “The Red Cross and me“ , aimed at the teachinf of the values that the Red Cross promotes and represents, as well as the importance of humanitarian work
  • Theme workshops on various aspects of the work of the Red Cross
  • Evening entertainment program

The summer school is prepared and implemented by young volunteers of the Red Cross, who underwent special training programs and are experienced in working with children. They are mostly students of the Faculties of Medicine, Philosophy, Defectology, Philology and Political Sciences, from various towns and municipalities in Serbia. The goups are small, and work is adapted to interest of individual children. Young volunteers work individually with children if problems in social, emotional, or psychological functioning need to be addressed, particularly among children from families with poored socio-economic status. Through these activities the Red Cross achieves apparent results of better socialisation, education, creativity and learned life skills of these children.