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Age Against the Machine: Rehearsal and Testing of the Questionnaire


On Wednesday, 15 May 2024, representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia attended the rehearsal of the play as part of the "Age Against the Machine" project, in the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad. In the continuation of the work on the play, which deals with the non-verbal presentation of ageism, the participants worked with five concepts – discrimination, powerlessness, solidarity, anger and dignity – and sought ways to express them through body movements and gestures. Representatives of all generations participate in the play as actors, and representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia tested with them a questionnaire for measuring ageism, which will be used in further activities in the project.

This project is part of the European Commission's program CERV - Network of Cities, with partners from Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. The Red Cross of Serbia is in charge of the expert part, Nataša Todorović and Dr. Milutin Vračević are in charge of introducing the topic of ageism and collecting quantitative data on ageism in all countries. The project holder is the “Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture” Foundation, and the coordinators and co-authors of the project are Branka Bajić Jovanov and Lazar Jovanov.