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Ageism – Workplace bulling and older employers


University of Belgrade hosted the 19th and 20th multinational and interdisciplinary working group.The theme of the meeting was Ageism –Workplace bulling and older employers. Representatives of scientific and educational institutions and universities from Italy, Poland, Iceland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia held several presentations and workshops with the topic: "Workplace violence and older employees". The meeting of the working group in Belgrade was held with the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). Moderators at the gathering were Dr. Ivana Petrovic, associate professor and President of the Commission for information and promotion activities of the Red Cross of Serbia and Sladjana Dimić, from the Information Department. The workshops organized are those that were held four times for the employees and volunteers of the Red Cross of Serbia who are including in assistants for the migrants.  The seminar “Humanity in Communication “for the volunteers and staff of the Red Cross were supported by the International Federation of the RedCross and Red Crescent Societies -IFRC.