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Community Based Health and First Aid


Between 26 and 30 June 2018 in Zagreb a training for trainers was organised entitled “Community Based Health and First Aid”. The training was organised by Croatian Red Cross and supported by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. More than 35 participants were there representing 15 National Societies, the Federation representatives from Geneva, Budapest and Carribean offices as well as a representative of civil society organisation Red Noses from Austria. Ther participants contributed to development of training material that will further be used in training across the globe. Natasa Todorovic and dr Milutin Vracevic of the Red Cross of Serbia participated in the training.

The participants had lectures and interactive work helping them perfect their facilitation skills related to promoting Community Based Health and First Aid in order to mobilise community members to move towards changing behaviour to healthy life styles and strengthened community capacity for prevention. In addition, the capacities of participants for community mobilisation and organising adequate needs assessment and planning were improved.

An important part of the training was practical needs assessment organised in the Migrant Centre in Zagreb where the participants were tasked with assessing the needs of migrants and then analysing the collected data.

This training also strengthened the capacities of National Societies to further use the training module Community Based Health and First Aid.