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On July 19 and 20, 2021, a workshop on "Mental health and psychosocial support for the families of the missing" was held at the Red Cross of Serbia, intended for psychologists who are employed or volunteer at the Red Cross. The disappearance of a family member is reflected on several levels: individual, family, community and society. What additionally negatively affects the members of the families of the missing is the prolonged grief, uncertainty regarding the fate of the loved ones and the absence of mortal remains, and many of these families have been facing these problems for 27 years.

In order to provide adequate support to families, the International Committee of the Red Cross organized a two-day workshop facilitated by psychologist Rubina Tahmazian, which was attended by 6 psychologists and one doctor who are part of the expert team for psychosocial support of the Red Cross of Serbia (Nataša Todorović, Lidija Ric Rihter, Nevenka Bogdanović, Aleksandra Savić, Vesna Melezović and Dr. Milutin Vračević), and one psychologist was from the PIN organization (Isidora Živić). The workshop was interactive, and during the two days work was done on adapting the training manual and providing support and psychoeducation to the families of the missing. The first activities that will be implemented will be in the Red Cross of Kragujevac.