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Regional Forum – Sustainable Development Goals


As part of the Regional Forum, Sustainable Development Goals, organized by the Economic Commission of the United Nations (UNECE) in Geneva, Switzerland, representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia Nataša Todorović and Dr. Milutin Vračević on 14 March 2024 participated in the event called Peaceful societies for all ages: preventing and addressing violence against older persons. This event was organized as part of the discussion on Goal 16 and Goal 17.

It has been shown that recent crises and wars, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in the cost of living have led to an increase in the risk of violence against older persons and on the other hand, the problem of violence against older persons is barely present in Agenda 2030. For this reason, this event was meant as an opportunity to talk about this problem at the level of public policies and to present examples of training aimed at older persons, professionals and everyone who comes into contact with older persons regularly. In addition to the trainings, the strengthening of partnerships at the local, national, regional and global level was discussed.

Representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia presented research and trainings that were carried out within the framework of various projects. The trainings conducted by the Red Cross of Serbia were intended for older women, and these trainings were not only focused on information about types of violence, methods of reporting, but also represent the strengthening of the capacities of older women. Other trainings conducted by the Red Cross of Serbia are aimed at gerontocarers and social workers, because these are the professionals who work with older persons and who should react in the event of violence.

The Red Cross of Serbia also has accredited training curriculum on the prevention of violence against older women for social workers. In addition, as an example of good practice, the partnership and training conducted by the Red Cross of Serbia in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan were presented.