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Visiting the daily care centre for older people in Skopje


The coordinator of the Taking Action on Social Inclusion of Older People project has between 19 and 22 April 2018 visited the project partners in Macedonia.

During the visit, the first two days focused on the Red Cross of Macedonia and Association Humanost, who coordinate the work of InkluzivaM Network.

The discussions with the partners focused on the implementation of the project so far and the future plans for intensified social inclusion of older people.

As part of the visit, Natasa Todorovic, the coordinator of the Red Cross of Serbia visited one of the daily care centres in Skopje where older people have regular socialising programme and in addition to health prevention activities and education, the older people use painting as a path to social inclusion. The members of this centre participated in the contest organised by Macedonian Post Office last year and won the first place by having their design for a new post stamp selected.

In addition to visiting the daily care centre, Natasa Todorovic also visited a private nursing home “Idila” that has 76 beneficiaries receiving care in adequate conditions.