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Step-by step guide for use of selected e-services

“Step-by step guide for use of selected e-services” is a publication developed within the framework of the project “Access of Older People to Information and Communication Technologies” implemented by the Red Cross of Serbia in partnership with the Institute of Social Sciences and with the support provided by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 2019. This publication is made available to older persons in the republic of Serbia as an assistance in using digital online services as well as persons working on education of older persons in using information and communication technology, based on the results of the research done within the framework of the same project. Since these results highlight the risk of increasing digital exclusion if older persons in Serbia that may occur with gradual migration of services to the digital sphere, this guide provides detailed descriptions of using the services at the e-Government portal (administration of personal documents, scheduling appointments, medical drugs search, review of court cases at the Portal of Serbian Courts) as well as of several most popular e-banking applications in the Republic of Serbia. This guide should contribute to better digital inclusion of older persons in Serbia and thus increase their quality of life.

Authors: Natasa Todorovic, Milutin Vracevic, Goran Basic, Natasa Miljkovic, Branka Matijevic