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Psychosocial support of the Red Cross of Serbia


The Red Cross of Serbia as a part of its regular activities is announcing the start of delivery of online psychosocial support service for persons everywhere on Serbian territory, including its own volunteers and staff. This support is organized in partnership with female volunteers of the Board for Crisis Interventions of the Serbian Psychological Society.

Psychosocial support helps individuals recuperate after a crisis that affected and changed their lives. The Red Cross of Serbia provides psychosocial support interventions in order to enhance people’s capacities to cope with stress and to improve psychosocial welfare of individuals and communities.

Psychosocial support enhances resilience, it helps persons get back on their feet and recuperate from a crisis as well as builds up their capacity to better cope with crises in future.

Psychosocial support includes activities related to psychological and social needs of individuals. This support is provided with full respect for persons’ dignity, culture, ethnic and national identity and all other elements of one’s identity.

If you need support, or just conversation, if you need to ask psychologist a question, you can get in touch via mobile application Razgovarajmo (“Let’s talk”).