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The National Training Center of the Red Cross of Serbia

In the very center of Belgrade, you can rent a modern, multifunctional office space for conferences, seminars or meetings.

The training center of the Red Cross of Serbia is a new, completely renovated and modernly equipped space that enables seminars, presentations, lectures and meetings to be held at the highest level.

The National Training Center of the Red Cross of Serbia consists of two halls:

1. Big hall - with a capacity of up to 30 seats (cinema setup), 20 seats (with tables) or 16 seats (conference setup).

2. Small hall - with a capacity of up to 16 seats (cinema setup) or up to 10 seats (for meetings or presentations).

The big hall, with an area of ​​180 m2, offers all the conditions for the organization of larger events and business gatherings. Equipped with conference chairs with a writing board and movable tables, this space is multifunctional and can be adapted to all client needs. For the needs of cocktails or conferences, there is the possibility of setting up bar tables.

The small hall, with an area of ​​25m2, offers the necessary peace, quiet and privacy for holding meetings or presentations for a small group of people.

It is possible to rent only the big or small hall, or to rent the entire training center. Regardless of which hall you choose, you can use the modern, fully equipped kitchen as well as the toilet. Fast internet is available in both halls, an EPSON projector is available, as well as a TESLA television for projecting content. The space is air-conditioned.

Very important for the center of Belgrade - one parking space in the yard is provided for all clients on weekdays, while up to 5 parking spaces are available on weekends.

*all prices include VAT.